Thursday, January 20, 2011


Marge and I walked around downtown to watch the polygot crowds, get lost in the labyrinth of underground stores, and eat a half lunch at Penelope's on King Street, a locally famous Greece restaurant with reasonable prices and mostly older Greek immigrant staff.   We enjoyed long segments of conversation with our waitress Victoria, 59, a gem.  The walking was tough on Marge's locomotion, so we took a taxi back to our Residence Inn.   

We considered returning to the Tower restaurant for our last evening, but returned to Penelope's instead.  We asked for Victoria, but she had gone home, so we got Konstantinos (Kostas), pushing 70, another gem, whom we left as friends after a superb lamb supper and more long conversation.  He told us about what a great person Victoria is, and that he wishes he had remained in Greece, where he would be retired now.   He treated us to Drambuie for Marge and a fiery Greek drink for Dick.  When we return to Toronto, Penelope's rather than the Tower will be our first target.

The walk back to the Inn via the theater district was hard on Marge

1)  CN Tower and tall buildings.  Restaurant is the bulge in the Tower, actually much higher than buildings shown, because of perspective.
2)  Skyscrapers and bronze bulls.  There's lots of outdoor art here.

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